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Video Expert Witness Offering Video and Audio Analysis for Attorneys & Legal Forensics In Detroit, Warren, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, Southfield, MI, and the Surrounding Areas

Surveillance cameras and other digital media recording devices have exploded in use and we can now get good quality video and audio from a device the size of a doorbell button. With this proliferation of video evidence in Detroit, Warren, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, Southfield, and the surrounding areas it is important that you understand what you have and that it is authentic.

At K and R Digital Media Forensic we have more than 40 years of experience dealing with video and audio evidence for attorneys, law enforcement, corporations, individuals, and many more. We can be your video expert witness in the courtroom, provide digital video forensics and be a forensic video analyst.

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Digital Video Forensics for Attorneys

Digital evidence is all over, and for it to be of any use for attorneys it requires knowing what sort of devices may have been present as well as understanding how to access the information properly. Digital video is an important piece to help demonstrate that something either did or did not happen, and you want to make sure that you have authentic digital video that was not tampered with.

While we understand the importance of finding and collecting digital evidence, our digital forensics team prioritizes preservation and reporting. With our proven data analysis methods, we can build a timeline with the dates, times, and types of alterations made to the digital media.

We have provided digital video analysis for attorneys hundreds of times, and you can trust us to do the same for you and your case.

Audio Analysis for Attorneys

Many times it is possible to retrieve the voice messages even if they are supposedly “deleted” from the phone or device. Audio can also be extracted from video files and other devices, but no matter where the audio comes from, it is important that it is clear so that everyone can make out what is being said. At K and R Digital Media Forensic, we provide audio enhancement, digital forensics, computer forensics, and voice identification services to attorneys.

From audio analysis for attorneys to video analysis to being an expert witness that can explain in clear, precise terms what is going on, K and R Digital Media Forensic can help make your case much more viable in Detroit, Warren, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, Southfield, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss your digital forensic needs.

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