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Illustration of Detroit, MI Digital Forensics ExaminerIt takes a skilled, experienced digital forensic examiner to navigate, discover, preserve, and communicate findings from a digital media investigation to a judge or jury in a court of law.

Our highly experienced team at K and R Digital Media Forensic brings decades of expertise to provide digital forensics to attorneys and their clients across Michigan and across the nation.

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Electronic Discovery

The electronic discovery (or eDiscovery) process includes casting a wide net over multiple forms of digital media and cyber communication systems. Many hiding places exist for crucial digital information, including:

  • Digital devices like computers, tablets, phones, and servers
  • In-house networks and outsourced network support
  • Third-party services, including Google, iCloud, and social media networks

While we understand the importance of finding and collecting digital evidence, our digital forensics team prioritizes preservation and reporting. You’ll never have to worry about evidence becoming corrupted, lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Computer Forensics on Grand Rapids, MI Device

Electronic Discovery for Digital Forensics Project in Sterling Heights, MI

Computer Forensics & Digital Forensics

A skilled computer forensics investigator will scour metadata and examine electronically encoded information to identify, track, analyze, and preserve changes or modifications made to files and individual documents. We use our years of experience and our trusted digital forensic tools to provide you with plenty of proof to bolster your case if it exists.

Our digital media cyber forensics team will further probe digital media evidence to understand the order in which specific digital events occurred. The digital evidence we glean can show us how digital files may have been altered over time. With our proven data analysis methods, we can build a timeline with the dates, times, and types of alterations made to the digital media. The detailed system information we use to back up our timeline makes it a reliable piece of evidence for your case.

Audio and Video Forensics

Files and documents aren’t the only forms of digital media subjected to alteration. At K and R, our forensic investigators will collect, preserve, and analyze the data for video and audio footage to provide you with evidence of changes to a digital file. Audio and video forensics experts will ensure the authenticity of your footage by proving the date, time, location, and recording device used to produce particular digital media files.

Pieces of digital data generally leave a breadcrumb trail from the moment they are created. Our team at K and R Digital Media Forensic will track that trail and point you in the right direction for your case. Contact us at K and R today at 248-557-8276 for more information on our digital forensics services.

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