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Many criminal investigations require a computer forensics specialist for proper data extraction and recovery. At K and R Digital Media Forensic, our experts know where to look for digital evidence and how to recover and undelete digital media and files. While collecting digital media for your case, our computer forensics investigator may discover encrypted, corrupted, or deleted media files. Recovery and restoration of such files often provide crucial evidence for litigation.

Our forensics professionals require access to many devices and software to collect, preserve, and analyze electronically stored information. This access will solely focus on the electronic data necessary for your case, and we protect the confidentiality of information not relevant to your case.

We are able to track the time for each digital media file, noting each change performed to the file and any cases in which a file has been altered, moved, damaged, or deleted. This data helps our clients to correctly and efficiently present a timeline of the events related to your case.

Sometimes, the damage or destruction of a media file has not been intentional. Using metadata from individual files ensures the chain of custody of each file and helps prove accidental vs. purposeful digital evidence changes.

Electronic Discovery

Whether intentional or accidental, damaged, deleted, or corrupt digital evidence can come from several sources, including:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phones
  • In-house networks
  • Outside servers
  • Cloud services
  • Social media platforms

Our K and R computer forensics investigators know how to find, collect, preserve, and present this information to you and the court in an organized, easy-to-understand method. Our professional electronic discovery process relies on keyword searches and established timelines to give you digital forensics information you can trust.

What Is Electronic Discovery?

The electronic discovery process trusted by every computer forensics analyst begins with collecting electronically stored information. From handheld devices to the server towers running your business, we’ll include the following items in your electronic discovery :

  • Text
  • Images
  • Audio and video
  • Calendars
  • Instant messages
  • Spreadsheets
  • Documents
  • Databases
  • Email
  • Cloud services
  • Online software

Identified as necessary digital evidence, electronically stored information moves from the hands of attorneys to those of the computer forensics specialist. Digital preservation by our computer forensics investigator ensures that the data remains intact and of high quality.

When you need a trustworthy forensic investigator to support your case, call us at K and R Digital Media Forensic at 248-557-8276. We serve Southfield, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding areas in Michigan.

Electronic Discovery for Grand Rapids Computer Forensics Client

Covert Electronic Discovery

Having an E.E. background (Graduate of U of M), Ken provides recording systems, camera setup, security systems, bugs, and electronics properly designed to get the required results. Ken holds a high-level amateur radio license (W8KNR) that gives him an edge over those with no telephony and electronics understanding. He owns and electronically maintains a full-service print, audio, and video production studio drawing on 45+ years of practical experiences learned with specialty electronic and software training.

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