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Over 50+ years of experience in media productions and electronics gives me an unparalleled forensic edge no one has.

K and R Digital Media Forensics experienced IT investigators properly gathers, analyzes, clarifies, and interprets digital media to ensure that evidence is presented with clarity in the courtroom. Both plaintiff and defense legal teams rely on K and R Digital Media Forensic to provide audio and video digital forensics and enhancement services. Our clients include prosecutors and defense attorneys, law enforcement, private investigators, businesses, and government agencies worldwide.


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Computer Forensics Investigator for Digital Forensics & Video Enhancement, and Digital Forensics Examiner for Audio & Video Forensics

Services Available Nationwide

Audio Forensic Expert Services and Electronic Discovery

Audio enhancement and voice identification involve objective scientific clarification and analysis of audio-recorded evidence. We use the latest hardware, software, and court-accepted methods to qualify as an objective resource in presenting audio evidence at hearings, depositions, and courts. From simple repairs of broken CDs and cell phone data retrieval to complex certified spectral voice ID analysis, K and R can help you present your evidence to make your point clear.

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Detroit Audio Forensic Expert for Electronic Discovery & Audio and Video Forensics

Digital Video Forensics, Video Enhancement & Redaction

Digital video surveillance cameras, cell phone cameras, and body-worn cameras are more common than ever. Video is a groundbreaking weapon against crime. Engineering, designing, understanding electronics, and installing video systems is essential knowledge when clarifying photographs or video. Authentication of digital media is critical. Video is used for speed calculations, position, size, and motion direction of objects.

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IT Forensic Examiner for Computer Audio, and Video Servers

Services available Nationwide, including Detriot, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Southfield, Warren, Michigan, and the Surrounding Areas. Remote and in-person services available throughout the US

Digital cyber IT forensics involves the recovery, analysis, and reconstruction of digital evidence or computer data using court-admissible techniques. Mobile devices can be GPS, PDA, Cell Phones, or Tablets. Law enforcement and corporate firms realize the importance of evidence contained in all WWW communication devices. The number of cyber devices exceeds the population of the world by 2.4 and is more often used in crime.

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Covert Electronic Discovery Experts

Having an E.E. background (Graduate of U of M), Ken provides recording systems, camera setup, security systems, bugs, and electronics properly designed to get the required results. Ken holds an amateur radio license (W8KNR) with full privileges that gives him an edge over those with no telephony and electronics understanding. He owns and electronically maintains a full-service print, audio, and video production studio drawing on 45+ years of practical experiences learned with specialty electronic and software training.

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Ann Arbor, MI Digital Forensics Examiner for Electronic Discovery on Harddrive

Other Services

Expert Witness Consulting and Training

Expert Witness Consulting and Training

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witness Testimony

Staging Studio Print Services

Staging Studio Print Services

K and R Forensic in the Media

K and R Forensic in the Media


Detroit, MI Computer Forensics Investigator Shaking Client Hand After Digital Forensics Project

Consulting and Training:
Michigan Digital Forensic Examination Expert

Talking to you, finding what the objective is, and providing practical strategies with solutions are a must. When confronted with questionable audio, video, and cell phone computer evidence, call Ken at K and R Digital Media Forensic before the first, possibly avoidable deposition. At the end of our first free meeting, I predict you will feel more supported, at ease, and better prepared for the complexities of your digital media needs. The evidence you see or hear may not be what you think. Ken is available for law group intuitive inspiring lectures.(See: Digital Media Pitfalls)



  • Mobile Device Data Extraction & Recovery
  • Video Surveillance Server Investigation
  • Audio Video Clarification & Reconstruction
  • Litigation Strategic Planning & Support
  • Digital Forensic Investigation, Authenticity
  • Covert Electronics Design & Engineering
  • Acoustics, Noise Measurements
  • Voice Identification & Spectral Analysis
  • Training & Lectures (Digital Evidence Pitfalls)
  • Video Security Systems Engineering
  • Presentation Equipment Rentals
  • Deposition & Court Testimony
  • Corporate Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Audio and Video Forensics
  • Zoom Services Available
  • Zoom Testimonies

Client Reviews & Letters of Recommendation

  • David Griem & Associates

    I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ken Glaza (“K & R Digital Media Forensic Consultants”) who has performed expert digital media and mobile computer analysis, and outstanding videographer services for me in several high-profile civil and criminal ...

    - David Griem

    David Griem & Associates

  • Brotsky & Silecchia Inc.

    In the time my partner and I have known and worked with Ken Glaza, we have found him to be reliable, resourceful, and above all, reasonable.... both in price and personality. He's comfortable to work with, honest to a fault, and ...

    - Steven E. Brotsky

    Brotsky & Silecchia Inc.

  • Farm Crop Dispute

    Ken, Just wanted to tell you we won and the jury loved the sound clips. Thanks! A recording was made of a conversation where farmers negotiated the planting and harvesting of crops and the splitting of profits and costs. It needed enhancement and ...

    - Arvid Perrin

    Houghton Lake, MI

  • Ongoing Training

    You can't learn to ride a bike by reading a book. In a mock trial I get to interact with real judges and attorneys. Talking to experts in other types of forensics helps me too. I completed a two day CEU ...

    - Ken Glaza

    Owner, K and R Digital Forensics

  • Boys & Girls Club

    Ken, Thank you for all your support for the chili cook off! The advertisements are great! Thank you for your patience with me as I figured out the event! I hope you can find a good home for these tickets. I look ...

    - Elizabeth Par

    Boys & Girls Club - Royal Oaks, MI

  • Lecture @ CAP

    - Ken Glaza

    Owner, K and R Digital Forensics

  • Brian Prain Says:

    - Brian J. Prain, PLLC

    Attorney & Counselor

  • Oakland County Circuit Court

    To whom it may concern: It is with distinct pleasure to recommend Kenneth Glaza. He is a person who exhibits a very positive attitude in all facets of his work. He is willing to help out with whatever task falls in his ...

    - John O'Brien

    Circuit Judge

  • Church Needs

    Dear Ken, I would like to thank you and K&R All Media Production for providing such outstanding service for our church. We recognize that we often ask you for orders within the designated lead time but you always provide your products and ...

    - First United Methodist Church

  • Windows in Excel

    Dear Mr. Glaza, Excel Industries, Inc. would like to thank you for your efforts and hard work while producing our "Windows on the World" video, and for making our presentation on May 3rd, 1993 a success. We have already received many positive comments ...

    - Excel Industries, Inc.

  • Ligget Schools

    I am always inspiring students who are interested in learning about audio and video recording techniques. I produced a Power Point presentation "How Audio and Video Can Change The Outcome Of Your Case" Hollywood Revealed! It is free for law ...

    - Laker Academy - West Bloomfield, MI

  • Oakland University Thanks You

    To whom it may concern; This is an unsolicited letter of professional appreciation written on behalf of Ken Glaza of K and R. I have worked with Mr. Glaza for the better part of three years and feel compelled to express sincerest ...

    - Assistant Professor of Music - Oakland University

    Rochester, MI

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