Audio Forensic Expert in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Southfield, Sterling Heights, Warren and Nearby Cities

Audio forensic investigation is the nearby assessment of sound records for legitimate purposes. In a forensics laboratory, audio forensic experts examine the recording to verify its authenticity. Improving speech clarity, transcribing dialogue, comparing voices, and reconstructing event timelines are all common components of the examination.

reviewing some audio files as a Audio Forensic Expert in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Southfield, Sterling Heights, WarrenLet us look at the process of an audio forensic expert:

The custody chain: To answer questions about the source of the audio evidence and how it was handled from creation to delivery to the courtroom, the chain of custody must be examined. A chain of custody log, which increases the authenticity of the file, may be kept by law enforcement. To maintain consistency and accuracy in the chain of custody, an audio forensic expert must document file retrieval with video recordings and images.

Call for the original: The earliest or original copy of the audio file may be requested by a forensic audio expert. For authenticity, an exact copy of the digital original file can be made. It is impossible to precisely copy the original file if it was stored on analog media.

Reciprocal retrieval: An expert must retrieve an audio file in a way that keeps it as close to how it was when it was created. A forensic image of the storage medium or original file, the original recorder, or a file transfer from the original storage medium is among these methods for retrieval.

When presenting audio evidence at hearings, depositions, and courts, K and R Digital Media Forensic qualify as an objective resource by making use of the most recent hardware, software, and methods that have been approved by the court. We can help you present your evidence to make your point clear, from simple CD repair and phone data retrieval to complex certified spectral voice ID analysis. Contact us at 248-557-8276 if you reside around Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Southfield, Sterling Heights, and Warren areas.