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Having 41 years experience in the print, computer, audio and video studio business as K&R All Media, KandR Forensic has an unparalleled edge. KandR Forensic provides world wide litigation support services 24/7. When you are confronted with computer data recovery, voice identification, authentication, cell phone investigation, digital audio, video or print evidence, call Ken at KandR Forensic. Be prepared to discuss the matter at hand. We will decide on the best plan of action. The effectiveness of presented evidence can hinge upon the quality and clarity of the presentation. Still not convinced??? Click on the button "Us In The News"

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Involves objective scientific clarification and analysis of audio recorded evidence. We use the latest hardware, software and court accepted methods to qualify as an objective resource in presenting audio evidence at hearings, depositions and courts. From simple repairs of broken CD's and cell phone data retrieval to complex certified spectral voice ID analysis, KandR can help you present your evidence to make your point clear.

Digital video surveillance cameras, cell phone cameras, now body worn cameras are more common than ever. Video is a ground breaking weapon against crime. Engineering designing understanding electronics and installing video systems is essential knowledge when clarifying photographs or video. Authentication of digital media is critical. Video is used for speed calculations, position, size, and motion direction of objects.

Digital cyber forensics involves the recovery, analysis and reconstruction of digital evidence or computer data using court admissible techniques. Mobile devices can be GPS, PDA, Cell Phones, or Tablets. Law enforcement and corporate firms realize the importance of evidence contained in all WWW communication devices. The number of cyber devices exceeds the population of the world and more often used in crime.




Having an E.E. background (Graduate of U of M), Ken provides recording systems, camera set up, security systems, bugs, and electronics properly designed to get the required results. Ken holds an amateur radio license (W8KNR) that gives him an edge over those with no telephony and electronics understanding. He owns and electronically maintains a full service print, audio and video production studio drawing on 41+ years of practical experiences learned with specialty electronic and software training.

Talking to you, finding what the objective is and providing practical strategies with solutions are a must. When confronted with questionable audio, video, cell phone computer evidence, call Ken at KandR Forensic before the first, possibly avoidable deposition. At the end of our first free meeting I predict you will feel more support, at ease, and better prepared for the complexities of your digital media needs. The evidence you see or hear may not be what you think. Ken is available for law group intuitive inspiring lectures.(Digital Media Pitfalls)

The parent K&R Digital Media Productions is a full service commercial print, audio, video production studio that has the capabilities of creating compelling print, visual and audio court room support products. Society has grown accustomed to well produced media that shows and teaches us, so much so, that being unprepared could be disastrous. Juries of today are much different in the way they receive case information. We provide equipment and operation support for your presentation.