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This is a partial list of my clients (both plaintiffs and defendants) for whom I did audio, video, computer, digital media, presentation or print forensic work. Some required a report, private presentation and an occasional court appearance or deposition. In most instances I was asked to clarify and or interpert mobile data dumps, audio, video or images through use of a variety of court accepted analog and digital electronic techniques. Work done for private individuals, most investigators, or covert engineering is not listed here. Phone numbers are provided by the clients’ permission. Call them for 1-2-1 testimonials. Click on the Referrals-Lectures for more tesimonials.

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Updated 8-25, Call Ph# for References, Pending cases info to follow, ^=Testify

7/20 DGGreenblatt-TJohnson Oakland Co v Wuestenberg 20-75364 Pending

2/20 Shelton Legal PvDurbin 19-045727-FH Genesee Co. Video Tampering

12/19 Collins Einhorn J Perkins 19-013109-NI Wayne Co.Turn Signal Ryder Truck

11/19 Pensky Smith Fayette S Howard US Dist Crt 18cr-250 US v Summers

11/19 Macomb Co Circuit Ct, PvJohnson 2019-1632-FH Tanya Grillow Law

11/19 Seward Henderson PC 19-10850 Williams V Maurer Southfield PD

11/19 Darin Weinbery PC, 19-WE-19907A Wayne Co. Calculatons From Video

10/19 Borrillo Law Ohio Clarification of Audio in contract negotiations

9/19 Monsour Law 18T1691FY Genesee Co Video Clarification

9/19 John Shea PC, PvLaBelle 18-596-FC Sync of Sound & Pic

8/19 Alona Sharon PC, PvMcMaster 19-002947-FY Created Date

5/19 Tammie Tarver 19-105550-PP Wayne Co. Transcribe Audio Rec

3/19 James Schlaff, PvPrain, 18-004023-01-FH, Terrorism on Computer

10/18 David Griem Law, MCSO 21086-6 Fiacci Clarify Audio on Video

9/18 Thomas Degrood PLC, DVD Prep for Court Presentation

9/18 Cummings McClory Traverse City, Mosley V Newago,18-cv-453

9/18 Cummings McClory, Thorington V Townsend,18-cv10762^

8/18 Zamzow Fabian PLC, Grand Rapids, MI, Clarify audio

8/18 Wright Blake PC, Video to Print and Clarification

6/18 Claud Chapman PLC, Clarify Audio of Gun Shot in video .

5/18 Kenyarda James Traffic Stop Video Clarification 10-132-18 Jacson MI

4/18 Ron TemplePC StatevD Schutt CR17-29 Norfolk,NE CelPh data Analysis

2/18 DeDay LaRene PvMoe Al-Dolemy Oakland Circuit ^

10/17 Carol; McBratine2017-157439-CH Audio Tampering

10/17 Rasor Law/Piper Shano Clarify & Transcribe audio

4/17 Ogletree/JLushnat 16-013809-CD Wayne, Audio clarification

2/17 Walter Pookrum/StevenFair 16-6521-FC Wayne, video clarification

2/17 SajidKhan ApexLegal Monroe Authenticity of excerpt 14-2303-16

1/17 Waun&Parillo, Lee Baker v Genesee Co. MI Audio Clarification

12/16 F Taylor v Eastpointe PD Jim Rasor Law Royal Oak MI. Dep.^

10/16 $63Mil D.Elliot 248-251-0001 3/16 Appeal JailBeating #15-1870^

8/16 Claud ChapmanPC,Contrived video evidence, 16-20199 Fed Case

8/16 Niel Rockind, Clarify/Interpreted Police Body Worn Recording #16-02486FY

8/16 Mitchell Foster(Milford MI) Clarify Jail Video Fight, PeoplevLapine, Chippewa Co.

7/16 Martin Puetz, Video Clarification, State Georgia v CBrooks 2016-RCCR-709

6/16 Bernanrd Jocuns(Lapeer)Motor Cycle Noise Testing Creamer16-012473-FA

3/16 Dean Elliot,Jail Beating, Jennings v Genesee Co. Deputies 13-13308^

2/16 Sharri PhillipsPC, Instagram Trace J.Mitchell, J-K.McDonald 15-837720-PP

1/16 Baratta PC, O'Shea v12Oaks Mall 2015-145062-NI, Deposed Electronic Door^

12/15 T.Parish PvCollins Murder 2015-000240 Howard-Barrien Co. ^

10/15 Sakis & Sakis Prout v Greektown, Surveillance video clarification

9/15 D Cripps, Shooting, Weldon J-K. Cox #1406596201 Wayne Co.^

8/15 C Crane,Tibble Law, Kalamazoo,MI PvCAPalmer #15-0250-FY Audio 911

5/15 Mat Ziegler & Asc 248-643-9530 Clarified and enhanced video

3/15 Peter Davis 734-663-2233 Washtenaw Co., J Thompson V- 14-1199-NS

2/15 Fitzgerald, Vetter/Ron Temple Norfolk, NE CR17-29 Trfc Stp Clarification

1/15 State Appellate Def MI/Linda Borus Video interpretation analysis

12/14 Thomas DeGrood George Nortland Death Oakland Co. 20140009476

8/14 Sam Bernstein/Dave Elkin Image Clarification in Video

7/14 State v Raul Pena, Francisco J. Villarruel PC, Video discrepancies

5/14 Percy Wiley-PC Klamath Falls OR Video discrepancy

4/14 Neil Rockind Video decoding of interrogation for presentation DVD

3/14 Shannon Smith PvHaisha Macomb Co Audio Video Clarification Conversion

3/14 Robert Mucha-PC Video surveillance interpretation consultation

2/14 Ken Uildriks-PC Holland MI. People v RMW redaction in video

1/14 Claud Chapman 313-802-0128 Detroit Shooting Video^

12/13 Picinich&McClure-Kathy 201-820-4595 NJ Missing radio transmission

11/13 Weinberg Law Mobile data retrieval Shooting

11/13 Mancano & Asc Singapore Office Security Audio Clarification

10/13 Shumaker Loop, Toledo OH TDillon StyervSha Phone conversation clarify

10/13 Alyson Oliver 248.581.9502 Parking lot video Clarification & presentation DVD

9/13 Terry Johnson 313.421.6193 Greektown Shooting Video

9/13 Amy Flanery 248-885-0205 Troy MI Consultation security video

8/13 Harry Philo 248-362-0893 Troy MI Enhance, edit video for Lecture

6/13 Varnum Grand Rapids MI P Johnson Accoustic distance calculations^

3/13 Smith Bovil-B Jarema Saginaw MI Security install consultant

3/13 Federal Gov NY Customs, Electronics Consultant, Imprt duty on electronics

2/13 D Rosenberg Southfield P v A Sawa CR2021-240878FC

2/13 A&M Chartier Lansing, MI Extract photo from video-Head Lights

1/13 Thurswell Law Firm M.Boeghold Audio Clarification #218541 Carey

1/13 Oakland Co Pros Trial Video prep on A Craig Murder 12-26010

1/13 Royal Oak MI PD Trial Video Prep on Allen Craig Murder Det. Edgel

12/12 Weinberg Law Franklin MI L Bonsky Dash Cam Traffic Stop Video

10/12 Brooklyn NY Defenders Service Video Clarification-Ali Dwoodi

9/12 Jackson Lewis MI K Yourchuck Digital Recorder clarification Clarifications

9/12 Andrew Mishlove,Glendale,WI PD Chase & Arrest Huber,Video Analysis

7/12 Zausmer, Kaufman, Aug SField MI.N Wright Target Slip Fall Video authenticate

6/12 Margaret Raben, Det, MI Clarify and enhance Phone messages

6/12 Leslie Posner, Detroit, MI Enhance and Interpret Video

5/12 Cornelius Pitts, Detroit, MI Transcript and clarified audio

4/12 Mendenhall, Juneau Alaska Video clarification

2/12 Micheal LeGris Ypsilanti MI Traffic Stop Video Clarifications

10/11 Claud Chapman DrugTrafficking FedCrt J-Pat J. Duggan 11-20178 J. Geskin^

9/11 APaluda Troy MI Costco Slip n Fall 70586 Video interp and enhance

9/11 John Monich Jr. Royal Oak MI Rentals playback of evidence in Detroit court

9/11 Cornelius Pitts Enhance video evidence and viewing

8/11 Kathy McClure Esq, Rochelle Pk, NJ Audio-analysis of edits Xiang Cao

8/11 Warren MI PD C Card Theft Video 09-46072

8/11 State Farm Ins. Dave Ward-Claims C#080911

7/11 MI St Aplt Defnd M Krause PvJMcCaskill 11-8725 Height of Susp

7/11 Srg A. Vinson Detroit MI Homicide 13300 Dexter Missing Child

6/11 Lauri Ellias PC Barkovic V Shelby Video Clarification and presentation

5/11 Michael Kemnitz format conversion video transfer

4/11 Gabriel B. Locher Troy MI a/v Clarifications casino check fraud

3/11 Foster Investigation Normal IL Biker Investigation10CF403Peoria

2/11 APerrin 989-202-2242 Houghton Lk Audio Enhance MissaukeeCoCir08-7165-CZ

2/11 P Hughes Detroit PD Video Clarification

1/11 Barber&Sims Anchorage ABanker TacoBell 09-29404 TvMunicipality

12/10 M Bilkovic (248)790-0218 T Loeb Video Cleared 8 cnts "Bridal Shop Brawl"

10/10 PhilipDeMassa,SanDiego,Ca USvGamez#10CR20110 Police car video

9/10 Claud Chapman Sfield MI OSHP Stop 9A-DE-104594 Ohio Plot GPS Tstfy

8/10 M Krause, State Appellate Lansing, MI Video stills Clarification

8/10 Flannary Law 248-414-1470 Network PodsvMikaSystems 10-108390CK Computer

7/10 T Williams, Jaffe Raitt, Southfield, MI Audio Analysis Authentication

7/10 John Dougherty, Troy, MI Audio Video Clarification, Wrongful arrest.

6/10 Eric Boeschenstein 231-722-0215 Muskegan,MI DUI Video Clarification

6/10 Mike Ryan, Merry Farnen, Roseville, MI Video Clarification Court Prep DVD

6/10 Janet Szpond, Str Htz., MI CC Fraud Video Clarification, Mcmb County

6/10 Kay Schwartzberg, MtClemens, MI Audio files conversion and Clarification

5/10 J D Gifford P I (248)921-3456 Tape copies clarification, Covert Electronics

5/10 Robyn Frankel, Birmingham MI Drug Possession Video/Audio Clarification

4/10 Elliot Parnes, Clarkston, MI Pilsbury v G.....

3/10 York, Dolan Tomlinson, Clinto Twp., Prep audio for court presentation

3/10 Paul Stevenson DUI Video Clarification Speed calculations

11/09 Sophia Curry, Grs Pnt Farms, MI Port Huron Video Clarification Shooting

10/09 CAP Lecture Wayne Co "A V Discovery", What to look for & Presentations

7/09 Cornelius Pitts PvCRMacon Baroda Co MI Video Tamper 200900500FH JDewane

6/09 Tom Loeb, Farm Hills, MI 248-224-2417 PD Tazer Torture A/V

4/09 Barone Defense, Andrew K. Livonia PD video alteration check

9/08 Robinson Sfield MI Depot Store robbery video Clarification

8/08 Randolph Frails, Augusta, GA Video Clarification Lowes Hardware Surveillance

6/08 Det PEdgell, Royal O PD, MI 248-246-3519 Video interrogation intelligibility

5/08 Laura Habush, Milwaukee, WI Milwk PD Violent crimes video decoding

4/08 Travis Reeds, Walled Lake, MI Redact & Produce Presentation DVD

3/08 Fieger Fieger: R Giroux, Southfield, MI Shooting Video Investigation

3/08 Peter Thompson, EuClaire,WI PD Video Drug Bust Omissions

2/08 Paul Youngs 3133881612 Taylor MI Missing Audio Allen Pk PD #2007-9168

2/08 HH Lewis PI Juneau AL State v J Erickson Video Clarification

1/08 Adam Taub Consumer Law Group Cassettes and DVD Clarifications

10/07 Fried Saperstein Abbatt PD Car Video Clarification

07/07 Allen Trapp PC/ Carrolton, GA PD Car Video Clarification State of GA v J.W.

6/07 Cattel Tuyn & Rudzewicz Audio Clarifications TD v Daimler C.

6/07 SEAK Conference, MA Updates, Training and Forensic Studies

2/07 Dave Zuppke, Bingham Farms, MI Mary Smith Auto Door Accident Circuit City

10/6 Steinberg(248)542-1010 Crim Def Aty f MI Bd Mem PvParker-W Mrdr audio enhnce

9/06 Kankakee IL Pub Def KFarmer 04-CF-372 PvJohnson Audio Clarification

8/06 State Appellate Defender, Lansing Chris Smith: P v. L Garth - Video ID

8/06 Kirsch & Satawa US v D.Cristini FBI recordings Clarification

7/06 D Robinson Sfield, MI T.Miller Rep D.Miller Dec. v Columbus, Ohio Shooting

6/06 Scandaglia & Ryan-Chicago, Il Chen Yang v Henry Chen, MD. Medical

5/06 Baku Corp. Japan/Denso USA Voice ID Auto Navigation System

4/06 Eisenberg Bogas Tape copies and Clarifications, transcripts

2/06 J D Gifford P I (248)921-3456 Many Tape copies and Clarifications

1/06 Robert Hackett-Grnd Rapids, MI USvMukherjee 95-39350 J Mitchel CAE AZ

12/05 MI Admin Hearings & Rules Paula Henige, Repair tape

11/05 Stratton, Giganti, Stone-Sprngfld, IL USvReuter VHS authentication Ron Stone

10/05 Thomas Loeb (248)851-2020 P. v Roberts DVD presentation beating

10/05 N Fink/K Stout PvKhalife Oakland Co Cir. 05-201291FC Shooting ^

9/05 Niel Fink/Kim Stout (248)258-3181 P. v Al-Lahham Audio-beating

7/05 Kim Stout Brmhm, East Point PD Audio Clarification

6/05 Mogill, Posner & Cohen Jon Posner Audio Clarifications

6/05 Eisenberg Bogas Tape copies and Clarifications

6/05 Evidence Express Detroit, MI Forensic Tape Copy

5/05 M Jon Posner/Frank Bonnette Royal Oak PD Criminal investigation audio

4/05 T Loeb(248)851-2020 M Steinberg Eastpointe Party Bust DVD

3/05 Miller Canfield Pad Sto, F.Farrow Audio Retrieval

3/05 MI Bureau Hearings/Labor & Econ Courtroom Documentation Cassette repairs

3/05 P.Davis (734)663-2233 Payne V MiHeart &Besam Washtinaw Co 04-776-NO

3/05 Criminal Defense Attorneys of MI Video production anual seminar

2/05 MSU Campus Police/Miller Canfield Pool drowning/Radio Respns Enhancmnts

11/4 Criminal Defense Attorneys of MI Video production information seminar

9/04 BKennedy & Asc. M Gillen Ken Boyd Uniondale, NY Door hit copy video

8/04 Unemployment Appeals Detroit Court room records audio tape repairs

8/04 Sam Nardicchio, Troy, MI Consultation Covert Install of audio

8/04 Jason Malkiewicz Video Enlargements and Video Prints

7/04 Risk Security & Investigations Micro cassette transfers

7/04 Varnum Riddering, Kalamazoo, MI Micro Cassette Clarification

5/04 Ed Johnson Wanda V. Neiman Marcus Inc. Audio Clarifications

2/04 Cattel, Tuyn & Rudzewicz Micro Cassette repairs and certified copies

2/04 Bufalino & Palazzolo (Biretta) Audio Clarification micro cassette

12/03 J D Gifford P.I. Varied Investigations Audio cassette

10/03 Roger Mills Show Violence Assult ENG incident

10/03 Family Law Center of West MI Video tape tampering

9/03 Amos E. Williams Audio tape Clarification

7/03 John C. Talpos Berkley public safety incident

6/03 C.J.M.F.&S. A Farha, Monroe Co PD Shooting Winebago

6/03 cont' P v PZabawa 02032306-FH attempted murder ^

1/03 Primeau Productions Video tape Clarification

9/02 Gene Bolanowski & Asc PC/Clinton Twp Covert Recording set up/JD Gifford

8/02 James Bishai PC, Mt Clemens, MI Micro Cassette U of M

7/02 Aluson Oliver & Asc. Pontiac V Stinson #103326A,B ^

4/02 Laurence Peppler, MtClemens Cash Register Theft Video Clarification

1/02 CMDA, Livonia Tim Young CookseyvEdison, Video audio Clarification

11/01 Laurence Pepper P v OBrien #9074-F201-03Video Tampering

10/01 M Steinberg 248-542-1010 Enhance Video Cap Murder Case--

Cont' This caused 4 jurors to hold for a lesser charge

2/00 Monroe County Sheriff Prints From Video Surveillance Insurance Fraud

1/00 Sheff & Washington Audio Clarification Police Surveillance

12/99 Michigan Unemployment Appeals Audio Clarification Court Transcripts

9/99 W. Michigan Fed. Pub. Defender Voiceprint Identification (3 knowns)

4/99 Tennessee Fed. Pub. Defndr Police Car Surveillance Vid Clarifications

2/99 Oaklnd County, MI Pros A/V Surveillance Tape Clarifications

1/99 Ferndale, MI Police (Prosecution) Audio Surveillance Tape Clarifications

7/93-99 Ralph Pezda PC, Southfield Multiple Cases

12/98 Barbier and Barbier Video and Audio Clarifications

11/98 Taubman Nadis & Gorosh Crime Scene Re-Enactment Video

8/98 Dickinson Wright PLLC Audio Forensic Clarification

3/98 Cross Wroc PC Video and Audio and Copies

3/98 Saunders Dorsey PC Voice Clarification

1/98 Penobscot Bldg Security, Detroit Video Clarifications, Prints

9/97 Fred Gibson PC MI Audio Clarification Case

6/97 Chapa Giblin Reporter, Courtroom recording Clarification

11/95 Howard & Howard, Tucker 248-645-1483 Cassette copies

11/95 William Gouleche Check for video edits, authenticate

9/95 Brady Hathaway PC Micro Cassette Authentication Edit Marks

8/95 Levine Benjamin Tushman, Cassette duplication

8/95 Action Video, Video sound Clarification

7/95 Brian Daily PC, Birmingham Document RR crossing with Video

7/95 Cross Wrock, Det, MI Clarification of audio, Cassette Copies

3/95 Dickenson Wright Moon 313-223-3500, Micro Cassette Transfers

3/94 CertifiedVoice ID Inc. Alexanderson 5S Main #3 Manville NJ08835 (908)526-3408

6/94 Mychalowych, NY Life v Kopit & Cohen, Cir Oakland 94-470426NZ

7/93 Steve Makowski PC, Wyandotte Enhance and Transcript

6/93 Covid, Det Enhance & Copy Video (Hum/Buzz Removal)

2/93 Stanley & Brown, 313-345-8833, Clarify Video

1/93 Mason Steinhardt Jacobs, Shaun 248-358-2090 Cassette copies

9/92 Mindel, Panzer, Mul...PC, Det Enhance & Copy Video

8/92 Hervy, Kruse...PC, Troy Enhance & Copy Video and Audio

7/92 Compuvox, Grand Blanc Computer Voicing Research for Blind

6/92 Det. Dane Slater, Troy Police Enhance & Copy, RF Consultant

2/92 Det. Hamel, Strling Hts Police Arson Video Tape Clarification

10/91-98 Hufmaster Asc., P. Hidgins Voice Identify Suspects

3/90 Votrax, M, Laird Voice Enhn. For Digital Rec. Acoustic Cons.

7/89 Milne v Mills /E. Gifford v Alterman Copyright Issues Phonograph record

In the 60's and 70's forensic audio and video did not exist. I am a pioneer.