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Fourty one years of experience (at KnR.net) in commercial music, audio, staging, electronics design, acoustics, print, photography, radio telephony (W8KNR), film, television, security systems and video gives me an unparalleled edge. Local, State, Federal and International courts use my forensic services from simple repair of broken media and Audio-Video-Photo restorations to complex spectral graphic voice identification, and courtroom testimony for both plaintiff and defense.


Objective Forensic: Voice Identifications, Acoustic Analysis, Audio Clarification, Authentication, Picture Clarification, Video Analysis, Mobile Data Retrieval, Covert Electronic Design, Courtroom Testimony, Seminars, Training, Litigation Support, Computer Security Data Restoration, Covert Electronics, Police Cam Analysis, Transcription, DVD Evidence Authoring, Format Conversions, Copyright Infringement, Spoliation, Gun Sound Analysis...
. . . . . . No other provider is more comprehensive.


  • Audio Video Clarification & Reconstruction
  • Presentation Development
  • Mobile Device Data Extraction & Retrieval
  • Litigation Strategic Planning
  • Audio, Video & Print Management
  • Covert Electronics Design & Engineering
  • Acoustics, Noise Measurements
  • Police Body Cam Investigation
  • Spectral Analysis & Accoustic Properties
  • Training & Lectures (Digital Evidence)
  • Gun Sounds & Voice Identification
  • Video Security Systems Engineering
  • Presentation Equipment Rentals
  • Deposition & Court Testimony